challenge became itself the most aware job portal of switzerland. Despite it's years being the alpha it needed a refreshment. Over time systems can grow in many directions getting slow, vast and missing potential in user experience overall.

Developing it towards a proper business model with according design principles from the lowest layer in delivering a sustainable strategy, a present user experience and a modular user interface for website, app & sibling products.

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With it's high responsiblity being the most known job platform of switzerland we took it quite serious in giving it a the refresh it needed. Business goals, stakeholders & involved people were quite sure about to unveal its full potential from the gained knowledge of the past years into starting something unique from scratch.

An according research, strategy and user experience in combination with a matching user interface. Taking everyone from the different team into one boat to develop out a global corporate wide vision from the beginning.


research & strategy

Building upon an already built system can be quite tough if it is huge and brought up the question developing from scratch or migrating it. To potect the valuation of the current platform and shift the user experience towards a new product the decision to migrate was the more clear way instead of taking a potential hit for changing too much in one big step.

Interviews with according people like stakeholders, product manager, marketing & everyone involved from sales to developers as well were taken into consideration continously and frequently. A competitive analysis combined with the own business goals and the answers from all the interviews created some strategical paths.

With some basic proto personas from our actual users, first user stories about current & future features requested by users & the team we were able to grasp the final delivery for the first time. Putting everything together we went for a starting a unique design system that made an atomic granularity possible and yet kept the flexibility of individual features at any point.


user experience

Building each individual component in the internal design system made it easy to produce common & requested walkthroughs. The system helped us to reconstruct journey mappings from users pretty quickly & develop new product features at an ease together with developers.

Usability tests with actual people using our platform as well as new users testing typical & new use cases with questions, tasks or methods like card sorting showed potential in specific and new regions of the product. A severity rating with following re-evaluation of the situation resulted in quick results with the design system created before.


user interface

The user interfaces that were born out of the developed design system made it easy to use for any future product. Yet it all began after the user stories where first wireframes are provided to fill the gap & have the setup for a starting screen design.

A rich screen design of components which all are based on the gained knowledge of user experience for the platform before and well known (as shown above) to create the best way of usage. Well known elements were redesign with latest knowledge and unique visual feedbacks to make it as obvious as possible and of course just easy to use.

Built elements found their way into a prototyping task executed either on the internal design system website itself, a staged website environment or in the first drafted app on iOs and Android. Gaining insights from users first hand in usability tests with prototypes were very valuable & went into the next product evolvement cycle directly.

A design library was the result that started once with the design system in having quick & handy modular / atomic granular elements & snippets that help to change or build new components out of new insights pretty quickly. Changing according design guidelines in the system resulted in global changes of each product, so changing a button size or color is a system wide & global minor change done in a blink.


Eventually the full product journey lead to a sustainable and comprehensive design system based on components to build products like websites, landing pages, apps and what there will follow.

our scope


competitive analysis
business goals


user stories
design system


journey mapping
card sorting
usability tests


screen design
design library


design system


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